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At Display House we create experiences that involve the integration of digital solutions into static spaces to create maximum brand recall and engagement. We understand the importance and weightage digital mediums play today in the promotion of a brand as they highly influence consumer behaviour and shopper motives. Our experiential design approach and technology partners help curate and churn out bespoke solutions that create a truly remarkable brand experience.


Client: Fork Media

The Challenge: To create an unconventional exhibit that engages its customers at Ad Tech India.

Our Approach:
In order to resist the usual and to create an experience for the fellows at Fork Media we developed a concept and designed a space where the potential target audience of our client could actually interact with each of their business verticals in a not so traditional format. In order to achieve that we themed the exhibit around a galaxy where each of their business verticals were presented as planets were imbedded in the ground. Through a sensor based system each plant could be stepped on, which in turn powered a video on the screen pertaining to that business vertical. This proved to be extremely engaging resulting in maximum footfall and audience recall. In fact the exhibit was so well appreciated and saw hoards of people which made filming the experience even more difficult for us.