Chivas Ultis

Luxe Boutique, Mumbai

The Brief

The brief was to create a free-standing  display unit for the ultimate  CHIVAS master blender series i.e. Chivas Ultis to be placed in the LUXE BOUTIQUE STORE in the Bombay DFS.


Our Approach

The V-shaped design is to echo Chivas Regal Ultis’ story of five Master Blenders and five signature single Malts. Five  truncated V-shaped prisms representing the roman number 5, are created  with integrated glorifiers to showcase the Chivas Ultis bottles. The tribute is given to the five Master Blenders, through their unique signatures integrated on the display podiums. The design of Chivas Regal Ultis unit represents craftsmanship and modernity, with textures and patterns inspired by the latest architectural trends to inject a sense of audacious luxury.

Design Process

Progress of Unit Fabrication

Chivas Ultis

Mumbai Airport