Auto Projects

Display house has been activating the brand image for Auto EXPO since 2010…

Knowledge and Skills

Our Team comprises of well experienced draftsmen to understand the foreign drawings, converting & recreating files as per the availability locally. We have strengthened our relationships with leading international market, in order to develop new capabilities, and bring innovation into the Industry. This is a two-way process that boosts our ability to innovate as well as helps to develop new skills, offering opportunity to gain new knowledge and working experiences. Our dedicated project managers constantly feed on research and innovation on Auto Industry and apply the knowledge generated from their collaboration with international businesses and other associates.


Service Milestones


Over the last two decades Display House relationship with Brands in the auto Industry has evolved from supplier of signage and furniture to partner for ground support to Fabrication and implementation synchronisation in India. More than 20 years of cooperation with Auto Industry in India and global markets helps both companies to grow. Display House has many years of experience in production and research for technical and AV solutions. Our role in the automobile industry includes the fabrication of visual identity solutions with the innovative integrated, interactive technology for a project.


Automotive – Brand Experience


Throughout the world, the automobile industry presents its brand world in a fascinating, strictly industry-specific way. Display House has been providing solid ground support to our partners, in execution through fabrication and implementation in designing and installing exhibition stands for the automobile sector and car industry for over 2 decades, and so has an intimate knowledge of all exhibition venues worldwide. Our long-standing partnerships projects with our design partners include Brands like Renault, Nissan and Datsun