Display House – A One Stop Shop



Display House plays the role of your Strategic Brand partner in India. Three decades of experience has taught us to derive results through our concept design engineering. Our design team combines design integrity and International experience to conceptualise and deliver innovative design solutions that will significantly enhance the overall success of your Exhibition, Event, Retail and all  other Verticals.



At Display House we create experiences that involve he integration of digital solutions into static spaces to create maximum brand recall and engagement. Each of our studios are made up from a talented array of designers from different disciplines enabling us to match the right skill-set to each brief the client on the best possible solutions from design through final built and execution.



Successfully having executed exhibitions and trade shows around the Globe, Display House is your trusted partner to smoothly execute your design and built anywhere in the World. With a combination of our experienced regional hubs and trusted local partners we can ensure your projects are deliverable pretty much anywhere in the world.



Our dedicated project teams are entrusted with following each project from client briefing and initial strategic thinking right the way through to build and installation.



We are one of the world’s leading retail design consultants and specialise in the premium and luxury market including travel retails. The Retail vertical amalgamates expertise of our skilled craftsmen, project managers, 3D Designers and technicians who bring the project to life. Our Specialised 3D designers and technicians not only create innate architecture and exhibition solutions, but are also responsible for seamless coordination at every stage of the project through to implementation.

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